Would you like a photo shoot experiance which is maximimum on fun and minimum on fuss? 

For up to two hours you and your family can enjoy a natural portrait session that's relaxed and fun.

This easy and effortless approach means your children have the opportunity to be their cheeky selves doing what they love to do! I have 3 young children so I'm used to the cheeky ways of children when they are let loose at the woods or beach. This is why I LOVE these photo shoots because it's just about having fun, being silly and capturing beautifully natural moments of ALL of your family playing together. 

What style of photographs would I get from the shoot? 

I like to ensure that we capture a mixture of both posed and documentary style images but I shoot a lot more documentary images as this is my style of photography. This means you will have a fantastic variety of beautiful images from your session.

What are the main aims of the shoot?

The main aims are to get beautiful natural images of all your family. The second aim is for your whole family to have such an amazing time you ALL go away raving about how much fun it was and wanting book in for next years shoot.  

I'm interested in booking, so what happens next? 

Great! you can either call, e-mail or message me its completly up to you.

We will talk about a couple of different location options for your shoot and the best day to hold it on, if you have somewhere in mind you would like to go we can do that or I've got some great locations we can go.

After that I'll ask a couple questions about your family e.g. What do they love to do? This gives me a great insight into your childrens personality and the best way to get those beautiful images.

The shoot is completley FREE so you can just simply book the shoot, then we go out and some have fun.   

What colours do we wear on our shoot?

The best things to wear are bright colours or pastel colours, try to avoid dark colours. If you decide on a woodland shoot try to avoid green tops or dresses. Your clothing can make a big difference to the way a photograph looks and feels e.g. wearing a pastel blue top and white shorts at the beach looks amazing in images! 

What happens on the day? 

It's all about having fun and enjoying every moment. I normally start the session with the posed photographs so they are taken when everyone is looking their best. Then we go onto the FUN stuff for example all of you building a den together in the woods or building a big sandcastle as a family at the beach. Doing things your children LOVE to do is always the best opportunity to get amazing NATURAL images.

If you have young children let them run around & be silly, this is what they're best at and I love chasing them around & interacting with them to capture those really natural giggles. This means there is no need for you to worry about how your kids are behaving, this is the perfect time for you to just let loose and enjoy every moment with them and explore! 

The only thing I ask is that no phones/cameras or technology are to be present on the shoot. This is so there are no phone calls, social media, text messages, pictures or any other distractions! Your whole focus will be with your family and nothing pulling your attention away from them.   

So what happens after the shoot ?

Your images are normally edited within 2 weeks, if it's the height of the summer season this might be slightly longer. All of your images go onto an online gallery for you to view at your leisure with NO in person pressure sales meetings. (I will NEVER pressure sell).

I love to keep things really simple when it comes to pricing and completly transparent, after you've viewed your images you can purchase one of three packages. Click Here for Packages