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photograph ofshane jackson on the beach

The person behind the camera!

I have been a professional photographer for around 6 years and have loved every minute of it. I have an amazing family which includes my lovely wife (Shelley Accounts Manager) , our two boys Jack & Taylor (little monkeys) and Blake the German Shepherd.

I asked my wife how she would describe me and she said “you do everything with a smile unless its the house work!”. I think I will ask her again when she’s not picking up my socks!

I am proud to be recommended by a lot of the wedding venues around the Plymouth area and have formed great friendships with the wedding organisers. A lot of my work comes from recomendation which is something I am very proud of because I know that I am delivering a professional product and service to my couples.

The way I try to approach my photography is to always look for the memories and stories in anything that I photograph. I find it’s the little things that you forget in your life that you will cherish in a photograph in the years to come.

I am lucky enough to have had my work published in the local and national news papers and Im  very proud to haveone of my weddings published in Bride magazine.

Im a member of the Guild of photographers which means that I am always having my work analysed by national and international photographers. Why do I do this? I want to produce perfect pictures for my clients and photography will never be just a job to me its an art form and learning how to look at a situation and see the story behind it and knowing the best way to betray it in one image is something I will never want to stop trying to perfect.

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